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Remember when you thought Digital marketing would be easy?

Digital marketing can be an expensive and time consuming medium. Our minds are full of what the 'experts' say we should be doing. Are we active in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and twitter? Do we have videos on YouTube? Do we write blog posts? 

But sometimes, it's better to work on the 20% that actually works rather than spreading ourselves too thin. Get the communications messaging right and appropriate for our audience and FOCUSING on the few rather than the many.

As long-term marketing, we don't advocate that SEM and social equals digital marketing. it is one part of the whole and while we offers these services they are often not the total solution you need.

We are digital marketing specialists. Our philosophy - Keep it simple and get the basic right first.

Digital reporting and analysis is key to success

STEP ONE: Understanding the data

If you're like many business owners, you're probably regularly looking at Google Analytics and Google Ads and/or Facebook and Instagram interfaces. You might be posting regular blogs and sending out email newsletter. All the activity is exhausting your time and your budget. But the sales just aren't there.

Step one is understanding you have a problem and where it comes from. It may be site related, it may be content related, it may be a performance issue, or it could be a combination all all these.

By breaking down you current results, understanding how your site is working and who your target audience is we can deliver you a clear and actionable report and recommendations for change.

STEP TWO: The Marketing Strategy

Getting a rounded digital marketing strategy is key to the success of your plan. While Agencies focus on the creative and media and your web team focus on build, the tone, the products and offers need to be on point.

With true 360 degree experience in the digital marketing area, we are specialists at finding the holes in your plan and recommending and helping you implement the media that will work for you. Whether it be SEM, email marketing, social, Display or Video, we work with you to fill the gaps. We build a plan with you to drive real ROI, setting clear goals and KPIs for success.

Focus on the right media to drive conversions

STEP THREE: Media and Time Focus

So now we have a a plan with clear goals and expectations, we can focus on media strategy; which media is delivering the best results and why.

Are we testing appropriately in the media/s that are working? Are we trying to spread ourselves too thin across too many medias? Do we need to be doing blogs and twitter posts if they don't deliver conversions? Is our messaging right for our target audience? Is our landing page content right? Is our email marketing strategy right?

We can help you devise a plan for success. Get the basics right first, claim back some time and forge forward to success from there.

Importance of website performance and updates

STEP FOUR Website performance and updates

With digital and mobile technology constantly updating it's key your website is kept up to date, fast and efficient. There's a range of traps you can find yourself getting caught in. From large heavy images gorgeous for desktop, but disastrous for mobiles to site maps that aren't updated or even poor text to HTML content and more. It all makes a difference to your search engine page score and/or your website speed.

It's often difficult to navigate through what needs doing and in what order.

With certified Microsoft and Umbraco CMS developers on our team we know our way around code and can provide clarity to build quality and efficiencies of websites.

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