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The benefits of Programmatic media buying at a glance

The last decade has seen a persistent and complex change in the digital media landscape. Programmatic and real time bidding have without doubt delivered a new era of media buying, providing access to a vast digital media inventory in a centralised, single system. But are we all ready for it? The simple answer is no.

Don't get me wrong, I support a single view entirely.  The simple fact is that to deliver a truly customer centric experience, a single centralised system for media buying is a pre-requisite. It removes the likelihood of ad spamming we all know and try to forget via frequency capping and enables a customer lifecycle communication strategy via true audience segmentation….If it’s done right.

But there is still a long way to go and for many of us, delivery of a customer focused strategy is still some time away. Latest Google research suggests only 2% of businesses in Australia are delivering anything like the journey customers are expecting. And for many of us, the cost benefit and brand integrity analysis for moving into a programmatic buy may not be there yet.

The Pros and Cons

Increased EfficiencyYESNO
Campaign speed to marketYESNO (SILOED BUYS)
Real time optimisationYESNO
Reduced human errorYESNO
Reduced inventory costYESNO
Cross device audience targetingYESNO
Ability to fully leverage first party dataYESNO
Inventory IntegrityNOYES
Brand Safety (automatic)NOYES
Easily trackable results (single view)YESNO
Actual Campaign cost analysisNOYES

While there is still a level of grey in this breakdown, the cost impacts of Programmatic buys if you are not at the level of a single view customer data journey, take your time before you jump in.

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